Retinal Detachment is a Medical Emergency

Retinal detachment is a very serious condition that can lead to severe visual impairment and even blindness. It should be treated as an emergency. Symptoms of a retinal tear or detachment include:

    • Flashes of light on the outer edges of the central field of vision
    • Sudden increase in the number of observed floaters
    • Heavy feeling in the eye
    • A shadow or veil-like image moving from your peripheral vision toward your central field of vision
    • Blurry vision

Call Us For An Immediate Eye Appointment

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it could be a retinal detachment or retina tear. Please call us to schedule an emergency visit. We offer treatment options to maintain your vision, but prompt emergency care is critical.



If you are experiencing symptoms of Retinal Detachment, please call us at (973) 871-2020 or seek emergency eye care immediately.